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the youth's kinsmen praising the merits of the boy and his family.

After a long and heated discussion, the father of the girl poses a

tentative question: would the boy be able to pay the heavy bride

price his daughter is worth ?

If the boy's parents are rich, the bride price may be as high

as Rupees five thousand. Often the amount demanded finally may

not exceed Rupees one thousand, The minimum bride price is of

course Rupees two hundred. No parent accepts a lower amount

The Kinsmen of the boy are now satisfied. The ground

has been prepared. The bride's father, in his greed, is only de-

manding an excessive bride price. Bat ha has expressed his acce-

ptance of the proposal. When once things have corns to this pass,

the third stage of negotiations caa be entered into without fear of


At this stage, the Chiefs of both sides, and the   kinsmen

negotiate the bride-price, after much bargaining.

The youth has to pay the brid2 pries to sea! the agreement " 

he should give a sumptuous dinner and liquor to the chiefs and oth-

er middlemen who negotiated.

The bride's father soni^timss demands land and gold

silver besides bride-price depending up JE his capacity to pay,

The marriage is celebrated by the Chettoji Mahurta Gadu.

b)   Arranged by the Soy's Parents ;

After the preliminaries as detailed above have been gone

through, the boy's parents may be satisfied with the match, bat tkc

girl's father may remain adamant.

Then through secret messages the girl's consent is obtained.

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